Solution Systems understands that job shops and made to order manufacturers require an ERP software system that can meet their specific business challenges. Dynamics NAV fits the bill to meet those challenges.


Job shops and made to order manufacturers often times find it challenging to provide accurate estimates quickly, because they don’t start out knowing the true cost of manufacturing the parts they are purchasing or making. That information is usually not easily accessible and often is not properly tracked by many Job Shops. The need for a robust ERP system can make all of the difference in your company’s ability to react to customer demands and provide estimates faster and more accurately. This will make your business more productive and help you save time and money.
Dynamics NAV is one of the leading ERP systems to best meet the needs of your job shop. It enables you to track and compare estimated costs to actual costs throughout the entire lifecycle of a job which makes your business operate more accurately, quickly and efficiently. Reduce errors, complete customer orders on budget and on time and become more profitable with Dynamics NAV.
Dynamics NAV Benefits for the Job Shop Industry


  • Track and compare actual to estimated costs throughout the process of the job.

  • Automated labor collection and scheduling on the shop floor.

  • Quick and easy conversions from estimating to sales orders.

  • Gain real time visibility of jobs by tracking dates, activities, material requirements, and subcontractor activities within a single integrated system.

  • Manage resources, track production, record output and schedule job tasks with ease.

  • Improve the accuracy of orders on time and on budget and respond quickly to customer queries about order status and delivery.

Dynamics NAV for Job Shops